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Blackjack Bankroll Calculator

This JavaScript calculator is used to determine your bankroll (in units) given the risk of ruin you are willing to accept. One sets the various parameters (win rate and standard deviation) for the game being played and the ROR that one is willing to live with. Then simply click on the calculate button. The units of bankroll is determined by reverse engineering George C’s formula that was published on p. 8 of his “How to Win $1 Million Playing Casino Blackjack.” This formula is also found on p 140 of Don Schlesinger’s “Blackjack Attack.” The default values are from Table 10.43 on p 218 in “Blackjack Attack” and assuming a 5% risk of ruin.

Enter the risk of ruin your are willing to accept (in %):
Enter the Win/100 (from “Blackjack Attack”:
Enter the SD/100 (from “Blackjack Attack”):
Enter your unit betsize (in dollars):
Your Bankroll should be (in Dollars):