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Online casino marketing “games” and gratitude

Added: 28-12-2011 | More Uncategorized

onlinecasino 17 Online casino marketing “games” and gratitudeFierce competition on the online casino scene has led to a royal customer treatment. Many casinos out there have introduced the policy of offering completely free chips to a potential or existing customer so that they would present you with the opportunity to test your skills and validate their particular casino.

As everything else, this can be observed from various points. Since we are used to living in the world where there is no such thing as free lunch, free chips can seem as something that is too good to be true. If you are worried about the hidden agenda of the casino that offers you free money, there are other way of testing the dependability of a casino and verifying that you can take the gift without any fear of the consequences. Testimonials, reputation, quality customer service and transparency of accounting programs are the best indicators that a casino is legit. Once you are certain that the chips are actually the real deal, you can start looking at the offer from a different angle which involves marketing and client respect objectives.

Income that these casinos have enables them to share the chips for marketing purpose on one side and to give them out as a reward on the other. Although there is no room for emotions when business is in stake, there is always place for respect and apart from practical reasons chips are offered as a specific welcome and thank-you note.

There are four types of no-cost casino chips and these are no deposit bonus, matching deposit bonus, un-cashable bonus and loyalty bonus. No deposit bonus means that a client can have the chips without any strings attached. It is however always a good idea to go through the terms before accepting the gift, since they may be asking for some of your details in advance. But in most cases, this is simply an opportunity to explore the online casino and see what it has to offer.

Matching deposit bonus means that the house will match your deposit and include the chips to your account. This is great in terms of support and it is particularly useful for new players because it will boost their confidence and relieve the tension.

Un-cashable bonus, also called a sticky bonus is actually a form of virtual chips that you can never exchange for money but you can use from your account as an investment to greater wagers and to retrieve your money. It is a good backup since it gives you the impression that the casinos got your back.

onlinecasino 18 Online casino marketing “games” and gratitudeAnd finally, there is a loyalty bonus which is offered to all the faithful clients and it represents the bond and relationship built on mutual trust and respect. The quality and professionalism of an online casino is best displayed by their willingness to reward the players which decided to trust them with their money, time and privacy.

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